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                          TBEA spring multiple projects
                          2014-02-26 14:28:19

                          TBEA spring multiple projects
                          TBEA provides the core equipment of Xinjiang's first UHV transmission project -- Hami south to Zhengzhou ± 800kV UHV transmission project officially put into operation in January 27th, this is the first UHV transmission project implementation of Xinjiang power transmission strategy, is currently the world's largest transport power DC power transmission project. Project line operation, fired the first shot TBEA new year off to a good start." Deputy Secretary of Party committee of Tebian electrician, deputy general manager Wu Wei said excitedly.
                          Not only that, at the beginning of the new year, many in the markets at home and abroad, TBEA has eye-catching performance: the world's first multi flexible DC transformer development TBEA Hengyang Transformer Co., Ltd. a operation success, in the national "863" projects -- Shantou Nan'ao Guangdong ± 160000 V multiterminal HVDC demonstration project on the safe and reliable operation; two prize TBEA new energy company won the 2013 annual award of progress of science and technology of the autonomous region; TBEA Hengyang Transformer Co. Ltd. was honored as "the first Hunan Province ten IPR Leading Enterprises"; the successful development of the first export of large capacity nuclear power main transformer; heating power TBEA smooth construction of the Tajikistan Dushanbe 2 thermal power plant...... On all fronts, TBEA Triumphant news. Wu Wei said, at the beginning of the new year, TBEA has signed orders for traction, wind power, thermal power transformer under the railway more continuous, multiple projects in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Togo and other countries is also progressing smoothly. According to the introduction, this year, TBEA will be manufacturing platform, vigorously develop modern service industry, to system integrators, operators, service providers, logistics business transformation and upgrading, continue to cultivate new economic growth point, lay a solid foundation for the "1025" end into a comprehensive high-tech enterprise groups with international competitiveness and brand influence. "TBEA dream in 2015 and strive to achieve operating income 50000000000 yuan, advance well-off enterprises. In the dream, and we will firm based in Xinjiang, and modern culture as the guide, the implementation of science and technology, talent strategy, to seize the intelligent development of world economy, green energy, the commanding heights, manufacturing to create China China, equipment China across the world to new equipment. Shanghai people intelligent appliances news

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