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                          Dayi Xinchun signing new project of power machinery
                          2014-02-26 14:26:03

                          Dayi Xinchun signing new project of power machinery
                          Dayi County, Sichuan signed Zhongxing Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.: at the end of 2, will also be signed with the Chengdu Sandian cable limited liability company. "The leading industry of machinery processing Dayi County Industrial Development Zone, two projects in the signing to improve the agglomeration of industry and the industrial chain of leading industrial zone, power machinery billion industry clusters to create."
                          It is reported, the project agreement a total investment of 120000000 yuan, construction elevator production line project, the project completed and put into production could reach an annual output of construction hoist 600 sets of production capacity, the realization of tax 6000000 yuan. "After signing the contract, through nearly 2 months of construction design and other preparatory work, in early 5 to start the construction, completed and put into operation before the end of 12, do it the signing, when completed, was put into operation." Dayi County Industrial Zone Investment minister Wang Yong said, 2 the end of the signing of the project a total investment of 150000000 yuan, the production of power cable, completed and put into production is expected to realize tax 6000000 yuan.
                          Dayi county government official said, will actively promote all kinds of resources to the leading industry gathering, taking into high valve, Casey group, metallurgical experiment factory, Carpoly paint and Shu source of wine and so on, promote related industries, supporting enterprise chain cluster development, building machinery, building materials, food, 3 yuan of industrial cluster. At the same time, by "the reform innovation and project battle years" as the starting point, efforts to promote the project to upgrade, adhere to the advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry "two wheeled drive industrialization and informatization", "two integration", efforts to promote the economic growth and the transformation and upgrading of interaction and.
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